Viva Project FAQ

- My VR control buttons don't work!

VR control tutorial

- How do I install custom character/clothing cards?

If you downloaded the cards on this website, please refer to the "HOWTOINSTALL.txt" file inside the downloaded archive.

If you downloaded the cards via another method, you should have two pictures for character cards or one for clothing cards. The cards must go in their own folders, all located in "Viva Folder/Cards". All clothing cards goes into the Clothing folders. You should have a Character and Skin card for your character, simply drop them in their respective folders.

- I installed new characters/clothes but they're not showing in-game!

First of all, please double check that you put the cards in the right folders.
Check the cards properties (right click the card, properties). All cards, characters and clothing, should have a size of 1024x1536 pixels (Details tab) and must be in PNG format.

If everything is okay but you still can't see your character/clothes in the game, please contact a developer on Viva's Discord or send a mail to

- How do I switch between VR and non-VR mode?

To switch between the two modes please open the book menu (P key in desktop mode), go to controls and press "Switch to VR" or "Switch to Keyboard".

NOTE: you must have SteamVR installed and running with a working VR headset plugged-in in order to switch to VR mode.

- Something is not working in-game!

We're sorry to hear that. Here is what you can do to help us fix this asap:
Contact a developer on Viva's Discord server, or send a mail to
If you're getting an error message/log, please take a screenshot of the game and link it to the discord message / email.
Please also tell us what you did in order to get the problem. We will reply as soon as possible.

Have another question? Please contact us on Discord or email us: