Install instructions

Download the latest release from the downloads tab. You should have downloaded a .exe file. This is a self extracting 7zip archive. Run it and you should be prompted where you want to extract your copy to. In most cases, this will likely be in the downloads folder. After clicking "extract" and waiting until the extraction is complete, you should end up with a folder containing the game. Navigate into the folder and double click "viva.exe" and the game should run like normal.

Here you can find the latest releases from github along with a changelog.

v0.2.1 - Release8/3/2022(latest)

Please Note: Saves from v0.2.0 will not work due to the way the save system works.

Make sure to get some cards and clothing from our website:

Heres the Changelog:

  • Added a deselect all button to the mirror

  • Added a Simple menu for save and quit

  • Fixed SteamVR crashing when switching to VR

  • Fixed Camera aspect ratio not resseting after disabling VR

  • Fixed flourjar detaching valves

  • Fixed characters sometimes going nude when changing in the basket

  • Reduced how far a sliding door needs to be open for task completion

I also updated the Starter Kit folder with the updated plugin included in the blend files.

v0.2.0 - Release7/14/2022
v0.1.0 - Initial Release4/6/2022
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